Product Name: Angelica

Ladin Name: Angelica sinensis

Main Components: polysaccharides,

The Extraction Source: Angelica head

Appearance: yellow or yellowish fine powder.

Detection: UV

The content: ligustilide (ligusiilide)

Content:1% 1.5%

Clinical applications: blood circulation, relieving pain , relax laxative . For blood deficiency chlorosis , dizziness , palpitations , irregular menstruation , dysmenorrhea , amenorrhea , cold abdominal pain , intestinal dry constipation , Fengshibitong or flutter injury, ulcer sore

Packaging: cardboard drum aluminum foil

Shelf life: 24 (months)

Efficacy: treatment of stroke unconscious and foaming at the mouth, postpartum paralysis.

(1) anti-hypoxia effect;

(2) modulation of immune function, has anti-cancer effects;

(3) skin care cosmetic effect;

(4) Buxue blood effects;

(5) antibacterial, anti-atherogenic effect.

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