Product name:N-Octyl-2-Pyrrolidone

Synonyms: N-Octylpyrrolidone,1-Octyl-2-pyrrolidinone,N-Octylpyrrolidone,NOP

CAS No.: 2687-94-7

EINECS: 403-700-8

Molecular Formula: C12H23NO

Molecular Weight: 197.32

Molecular Structure:

Properties & Specification

Clear,light yellow liquid


Solvents in chemical reactions

Components in ink and coating industry

Formulating agents in crop protection products

Coating strippers in the electronic industry

Intermediates in the production of pharmaceuticals

Packing & Storage

Galvanization drum(net weight 200kg),IBC drum(net weight 1000kg)

Store in a cool,dry and sealed place