PVP-A Copolymer Series

Chemical name:Ethylidene Povidone /acetic acid andEthylidene copolymer(CAP resin)

CTFA name:VP/VA Copolymer

CAS No:25086-89-9

Molecular formula:(C6H9ON)n×(C4H6O2)m (n=1.2m)

Character:PVP/VA is a kind of water-solubility macromolecule resin, white powder or transparent liquor, no smell,

 not absorption of moisture, can dissolve in water-ethanol and anhydrous alcohols, has good cohesiveness, hygroscopic, 

 film forming and surface activity character.


Application(VP/ VA) (VA73E,VA73W,VA64E,VA64W,VA55E)

Beauties industry:PVP-VA series use as stiffener, its hygroscopic decrease as the ratio of vinyl acetate 

                               increase,it suits for Mousse, hair casehardened liquid, if mix with PVP-K30 can 

                               strengthen casehardened effect.

Other technological usage

1、Use as remoisten binder, bond for paper and coating bond;

2、Use as thickener for kinds of paints and protectionability colloids; 

3、Water-solubility PVP/VA64 series product is the usual emulsifier for plant protect agent and protectionability colloid; 

4、The best bond of preparation effervescence troche in hydro-mixture with absolute ethyl alcoholin pharmaceutical area.

   The excellence does not absorpt moisture and has good crushability.