Chemcial name:complex of PVP and Iodine

CTFA name:PVP-Iodine

CAS No:25655-41-8

Molecular formula:(C6H9ONI2)n.XI

Character:PVP-I is the complex of PVP and iodine,has quite strong killing effect to bacteria, virus, 

                  epiphyte, mildew and spore, steady, no stimulate, all dissolve in water.

Physical character:

 Brown yellow or red brown molding powder, has weak special smell, can dissolve in water and ethanol,

 not dissolve in ethyl ether and chloroform, good stability, no stimulate, has strong extermination effect to bacteria,

 virus, epiphyte, mildew and sporule.


  Usually used in operation in hospital, skin and instrument antisepsis in injection, sterilization, prevent communicate

 in surgery and dermatology department; antisepsis for family tableware and implement; antisepsisand animal illness prevention

 and cure for food industry and livestock breeding industry and so on. The product is the first choice of iodine containing 

antiseptic and healthy epidemic prevention disinfector of developed countries, Accord with USP26,USP28 and EP standard.