PVPP Series(Croslinked PVP)

Chemical name: Polyvinylpolypyrrolidone/Crospovidone

CTFA name:Crosslinking polyvinylpyrrolidone

CAS No:25249-54-1

Molecular formula:(C6H9NO)n

Character:White or near white, runny powder has hygroscopic quality, no smell or less bad smell,

          can not dissolve in water, alkali, acid and common organic solvent, has strong expand capability 

          and complexation capability with kinds of substance.

PVPP application:

Because of high molecular weight and crosslinking structure, PVPP can not dissolve in water but can quickly

 adhibit water and make its network structure expand and breakdown. So PVPP is widely used as disintegrating 

agent and bulking agent of troche, pelletized granule and capsule in pharmaceutical area. And the molecule has 

amido bond and adsorb hydroxyl of polyphenol molecule to form hydrogen bond, therefore it can uses as stabilizer

of beer, ratafee and potable spirit, prolong the quality guarantee duration to 300 days, and also can improve the 

transparence, color and taste.