Calcium Chloride

Chemical name: Calcium Chloride

Molecular formula: CaCl2; CaCl2; 2H2O

Molecular weight: water content: 110.98;

Two water content: 147.02

CAS: anhydrous: 10043-52-4; two water content: 233-140-8

Performance: white or gray, there are massive, irregular granular, non-toxic, no smell, taste slightly bitter.

Use: used as refrigerants, also used in food processing,

 used as calcium fortifier in food industry, chelating agent, curing agent and refrigerant freezing. 

As feed calcium supplement. As coagulant, the provisions of China in bean products according to production needs proper use.

 Used as refrigerants (such as freezer with frozen brine, and ice ice bar with frozen brine), antifreeze, antifreeze, fire extinguishing 

agent for melting ice and snow melting, flame retardant finishing and finishing of cotton fabric. The preparation of anhydrous 

calcium chloride as raw material. For the walls and plastering work, increase the condensation ability. Rubber production as 

condensate mixed agent. The starch sizing agent. Also used for non-ferrous metal smelting. As oxygen, sulfur absorbent. 

Food protection agent. Sizing agent. Purifying agent. Antifreeze.