Sodium Chloride

English Name: Chloride Sodium

Molecular formula: NaCI

Molecular weight: 58.44

CAS number: 7647-14-5

Content: This product is calculated according to the dry matter, including sodium chloride (NaCI) shall not be less than 99.5%.

Properties: colorless, transparent cubic crystal or white crystalline powder; no odor; salty taste. This product is easy to 

            dissolve in water, almost insoluble in ethanol.

Packing: 25 kg / bag or other

Function: (1) to maintain the osmotic pressure of extracellular fluid

                (2) to participate in the regulation of acid base balance

               (3) chloride ions are involved in the formation of gastric acid in the body, and sodium chloride 

                     also has a role in maintaining the normal excitability of nerves and  muscles.