Potassium Chloride

Product name:Potassium Chloride

The molecular formula: KCl 

Molecular weight :74.55

Relative density:1.987

The melting point :773 DEG C

As a colorless, slender diamond or cubic crystal or white crystalline powder, no smell, salty taste, easy to dissolve in water, soluble in glycerin, slightly soluble in ethanol,.

The use of food grade potassium chloride is as follows:

1, in the food industry can be used as a salt substitute, nutritional supplements, gelling agent, yeast food, flavoring agent, flavoring agent, pH control agent.

2, general nutrition food grade potassium chloride as potassium in food, nutrition and other potassium, has the advantages of low price, high potassium             content, easy storage and other characteristics, so the consumption of potassium chloride and potassium nutrition fortifier as the most widely used.

3, also can be used as a fermentation nutrient in fermented foods.

4, in addition, due to chelation and gelling properties of strong potassium ions with potassium chloride can be used in food as a gelling agent, general 

     carrageenan, gellan gum and other food colloids will use food grade potassium chloride.

5, food grade potassium chloride and salt can be used as agricultural products, aquatic products, livestock products, fermentation products, spices, canned 

    food, convenient flavoring agent, or used to strengthen potassium (for body electrolyte with preparation of athletes drinks.)