English Name: Xylitol

English alias: Xylitol

CAS number: 87-99-0

EINECS number: 201-788-0

Molecular formula: C5H12O5

Molecular weight: 152.1468

Physical and chemical properties

Orthorhombic crystal characters like shape, with a sweet sugar (stable) or monoclinic crystal (metastable type).

Melting point 61~61.5

Boiling point 215~217

Soluble soluble in water, soluble in ethanol and pyridine solvents.

Use: its molecular formula is C5H12O5, is a five carbon sugar alcohol,is a normal intermediate product of xylose 

      metabolism, the appearance of a white crystalline powder, widely found in fruits, vegetables, grains,  

      mushrooms and the like food and wood, straw, corn cob and other plants. It can be used as sweeteners,

      nutritional and pharmaceutical agents in the chemical, food, medicine and other industries are widely used.