Product name:Chitosan

Chemical name: β-(1→4)-2-Amido-2-deoxy-D-glucosamine hydrochloride

Molecular formula: (C6H11NO4)N 

This product is non-toxic, odorless, off-white or slight yellow powder, and soluble in acid, insoluble in water and base or 

normal organic solutions. Dissolved in 185°C. 

Applications in food industry:

Antibacterial agent

Chitosan and its derivatives have good antibacterial activity, which can inhibit the growth of some fungi, bacteria, and viruses.

 Fruit and vegetable preservatives

Using chitosan as coating of fruits and vegetables mainly is to maintain normal quality and taste, the nutrition composition and 

appearance and improve its commodity value from after picking to shelf.

Due to containing high level of unsaturated lipid compounds which are susceptible to oxidation and make the meat rotten,

 it is easier to shorten the storage life of meat and meat flavor.


Additives for health-care food

Chitosan is difficult for gastrointestinal digestion and absorption by human body, when ingested, they can generate complex

 with triglycerides and fatty acid, cholesterol and bile acid lipid compounds as much as many times of its own quality, and the 

complex can’t be hydrolized by gastric acid or absorbed by digestive system, thereby hampering the body to absorb this kind 

of material and letting the complex be out of the body.