Quality is the first priority of Medipharm, from raw materials into the plant, control of intermediates in the production process, and the solvent used, accessories such as quality control, the quality control of the final product, Medipharm in strict accordance with the GMP requirements of strict control, to ensure product quality in line with the United States Pharmacopoeia, European Pharmacopoeia, the relevant requirements of China Pharmacopoeia.

Quality control system

1, Quality control system (QC)

Ensure the products meet the requirements of quality standards in each production process;

To ensure that the equipment used in the production of products, solvents and other indicators in line with the requirements of the relevant standards;

2, Quality assurance system (QA)

Ensure that the entire production process is in line with the requirements of GMP and other related standards;

Technical service

Can be for you to buy products for quality control, from the physical and chemical indicators to heavy metals, pesticide residues, microorganisms and other projects to carry out accurate, efficient and fast detection.

The company to provide product testing or third party testing services, can help you improve the quality, optimize product process, improve product quality, establish the sustainable development strategy. Mainly for detection of plant active ingredients, related impurities control and product related microorganisms, serve the food, drug and cosmetic industry.